Eurobrick partners with Europes leading manufacturers of high quality building and landscaping materials.  Products are characterized by the following technical parameters:

  1. the highest (3) class of resistance to weather conditions (i.e. low absorbability and resistance to de-icing agents
  2. the highest (4) abrasion resistance class
  3. anti-slip surface properties

We have an extensive landscaping and building product range covering traditional and contemporary styles.


Whether you are a DIY enthusiast or seeking a professional installer, Eurobrick can provide all the practical advice and support you need to enjoy the very best results from your garden or driveway project.

Our selected partners ensure that all products are quality controlled on an ongoing basis in factory laboratories, as well as in external independent laboratories, to confirm the declared technical parameters and to continuously improve the quality and durability.


Testing laboratories are equipped with test stands for tensile strength tests for splitting paving stones, bending strength of slabs, edgings and curbs, as well as a stand for testing abrasiveness, absorbability and resistance to de-icing agents.


All of our products meet the requirements of the integrated European standards: PN -EN 1338, PN -EN 1339, PN -EN 1340PN -EN 13198: 2005 and PN -EN 771: 2011


We only source products marked with the CE symbol.  Products marked in this way meet the requirements of all applicable European directives related to the safety of use, health protection and protection of the environment. 

Why Eurobrick?

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